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“Art on the Walls” David Wander, Painter

David is an internationally recognized and collected contemporary tonalist and he is the featured artist for our Summer of 2017 “Art on the Walls.” Learn more about David and see more of his paintings by reading my newsletter.

Why “Art on the Walls” in our jewelry gallery? It is my business philosophy to sponsor art.

I support local artists who have the same need to practice and learn. Their skills require a different medium from mine, mainly paint. However, we have the same motivation to create. The difference being that my inspiration comes from gemstones and precious metals.

“Art on the Walls” is synonymous to art in the case. The two compliment each other. I work hard to uncover jewelry designers. I am committed to keeping my own workshop going and to keep exposing artists work.

I will continue to find local artists to show seasonally at my gallery. David Wander’s work is here for the summer and will be gone in the fall.