golden-pearl-earrings-1w-300276 golden-pearl-earrings-2w-300276
champ-zircon-pend-1w-080122 champ-zircon-pend-2w-080122 baroque-pearl-pendant-1w-300303 baroque-pearl-pendant-2w-300303
cognac-zircon-1w-080124 cognac-zircon-2w-080124 mint-tourmaline-1-w-090246  mint-tourmaline-2-w-090246
tourmaline-tahitian-drops-1w-300302 tourmaline-tahitian-drops-2w-300302 tourmaline-tahitian-drops-3w-300302 link-bracelet-1w-150023
turquoise-1s-090164 turquoise-2s-090164 spess-tanz-earrings-1w-090221 spess-tanz-earrings-2w-090221
aquamarine-beads-1w-270134 aquamarine-beads-2w-270134 black-diamond-1w-270137-a black-diamond-2w-270137-a
peach-zircon-1w-090178 peach-zircon-2w-090178 smokey-quartz-earrings-1w-090181 smokey-quartz-earrings-2w-090181
jackets-baroque-pearls-1w-300300 jackets-baroque-pearls-2w-300300 garnet-diam-1s-090148 garnet-diam-2-090148
Labradorite 1s 270133 Emerald beads 1s 270146 Emerald beads 2s 270146 Mint Tourm Diam 1w 7087ES
Mexican Fire Opal 1s 090156 Mexican Fire Opal 2s 090156 Rose Zircon 1w 090154 Rose Zircon 2w 090154
Sapphire Mokume ring 1w 050065 Sapphire Mokume ring 2w 050065 Sapphire Mokume ring 3w 050065 Mexican Fire Opal Diam 2w 080060
Amethyst 1 240179 Amethyst 2 240179 Fire Opal 1 3129PS Fire Opal 2 3129PS
Chrysoberyl 1s 090161 Mexican Fire Opal Diam 1w 080060 PeridotDiamond 1 330009 PeridotDiamond 2 330009
Tourmaline Floral 1 080055 Tourmaline Floral 2 080055 Tourmaline Floral 3 080055 Labradorite 1s 270133
Ethiopian opal Tourmaline 1s 090160 Ethiopian opal Tourmaline 2s 090160 Ethiopian opal Tourmaline 3s 090160 Spess Garnet Leaf 1909PES sm
Tanz dia pend 1s Tanz dia pend 2s Tanz dia pend 3s Tanz dia pend 4s
Jackets Floral 1s 140012 Jackets Floral 3s 140012 Silver Hoops Turquoise 2825ES Silver Hoops Turquoise 2823ES
Zircon Diam 2672PES E Yell Zirc Spess Garn 2347PES sm Wedding Band Pierced Convex SB1349R Tanzanite 2766PS
Smokey Topaz Pearl Hoops 2820ES Smokey Quartz Taviz Hoops 2831ES Smokey Quartz Beads Hoops 2832ES sm
Sapphire briolettes 2833NS Sapphire Engagement 1156RS 1 Sapphire Diam 2176RS Sapphire Diam 2176RS 2
Ruby Diam Wire Wrap C 2835SO Ring Plat Diam 1 1675RS Ring Pink Tourmaline Diamo 1405RS 9x8 Ring Pink Tourm 1740RS
Pyrope Garnets SB1136ES E Pink Tourmaline Band 2434RS Pink Tourmaline 2657PES E Pink Tourmaline 2577SO E
Ring Maine Tourm 1754RS Pendant Topaz Crystal 1684PES Pink Tourm Wh Wire 2767RS Peridot Amethyst 1957PES sm
Peridot Spheen 2710ES E Peridot Princ Diam 1896RS sm Peridot Diamond 2791PS Peridot Diam Retic 2024PES sm
Peridot 2533ES E Pendant Peridot 1817PES Pendant Stick Pearl 1772SO sm Pendant Platinum Tanzanite 1276NS
Pendant Opal RhodGarn 6x10 1171PS Pendant Green Gold Peridot diamonds 1387PS copy Pendant Blue Tourm Heart Pendant Blue Topaz 1868PES
Pearls, Forged Wires 2741ES Pearl Floral SK1176PS E Opal Ring Front Opal Diamonds 2 2131SO E
Pendant Amethyst Tri 1849PES Opal Floral 1167RS sm Jackets Tourmaline 2467J E Mexican Fire Opal 1s 090156
Opal Crystal 2402ES sm Opal Black 2425RS E Morganite Tourmaline 2692PES E Marquis dangles FW Pearls 2739ES
Jackets Forged 2818J Jackets Diam Pearl wh 2172ES sm Jacket Pink Flowers 2160J E Jacket Flor garn stud 2137SO sm
Green Tourm Wire 2174ES sm Golden Topaz Nouveau 2374ES Golden Topaz Dangles 1818ES sm Garnet Floral 2319SO sm
Green Tourmaline 3 2500ES Garnet Diam Wire 2175ES E Fire Opal 2253SO sm Floral Peach Pearl SF1161ES 8x8
Forged Links 2740BNS 8x9 Forged links 1992BNS Forged Clef 2761BNS Flower Rubellite Diamonds 2752PES
Floral Aqua SJ1166ES sm Floral Applique Spinel Diam 2609RS Floral Applique Band sm 2841RJ Fire Opal Tanzanite 2355PES sm
Earrings Ame Bronz Pearl 1734ES Dinosaur Tooth Diamond Wire 2360SO sm Diamond Sapphire Floral Wire sm 2840RJ
Smokey Quartz Beads Hoops 2832ES Citrine Pearl Hoops 2828ES Citrine Hoops 2830ES Chased Floral Dangles 2134RJ sm
Diam Emer Side 2314RJ Conv band Dia Sapph SD1135SO sm Concave Cuff 2678BNS E Bracelet Concave Cuff with Tourm 1857BS
Citrine Diamond Nouveau cr 2497SO Chrome Tourmaline 2602ES Chocker Red Tourm 2307NS 8x8 Aquamarine 1900RS sm
Boulder Opal Pear 1970PES sm Blue Tourm Band 2230RS sm Blue Topaz Black Opal 2 Wire 2087RS sm
Applique Band Yell Wh Diam 2478SO Andalusite 2663PES E Amethyst Wire Amethyst Sq Dangles 1749ES 8x8
Amethyst Pearl Hoops 2829ES Amethyst Pear White 1906PES sm Amethyst Heart 2735PES Amethyst Diamonds 2608PES E
Amethyst Cushion 2484PES E Amethyst Carved 2043RJ sm Amethyst 2143SO sm Alm Garnet Nouveau 3 2373ES
Amethyst Diam Floral Amethyst Rhodalite 2485NS sm Chrysoberyl 2s 090161 - Copy Pearl Diamond 1w 3401ES