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Bracelets follow the same form of links or beads. Full round or three quarter forged bangles, or large cuffs set with or without gemstones are also available.
Our necklaces are made with hand made chains, beaded necklaces, or the chain has been broken and is attached to either side of the center piece. A hand made chain can be forged link from any shape or size wire, or cut from stock. A beaded necklace will be interval knotted and have a hand made toggle or "S" clasp. The idea of the beads is to provide color and texture to compliment the center piece.
Rings and Wedding BandsRings and Wedding Bands
Our rings are durably constructed to be worn and enjoyed. Sometimes we make them to fit the contour of your hand with an undulating band that will sit correctly on the finger. Custom designed rings and wedding bands are a specialty. We strive to produce a beautiful ring or wedding set using lovely gems of your choice. We have a large selection of wedding bands and sets on display.
Most pendants drop from a chain which has been chosen to match the color and texture of the piece. Some pendants are large enough and can stand alone as a pin. In these cases I make a combination pin/pendant so the wearer has that choice. The appeal of designing a pin is that I have more flexibility as I consider this a canvas on which to work.
Earrings / Earring Jackets / StudsEarrings / Earring Jackets / Studs
Our best sellers, designed to flatter the wearer with contour and movement. Earring jackets can be worn with any ear stud. We have a large selection of simple colored stone and pearl ear studs.
The Berkshire Collection
Berkshire_main The Berkshire Collection was designed in 1980 inspired by the Berkshire landscape. The small straight tree was based on a favorite childhood drawing. The Shaker Tree was inspired by the Shaker community, again another amazing feature of the Berkshires. The windblown tree was obviously inspired by the magnificent trees and weather in our area. The Berkshire Collection has been a best seller for over 30 years. A simply elegant little pendant and earring line, and meaningful representation of the Berkshires.
Antique & EstateAntique & Estate
Our outstanding antique and estate jewelry collection is comprised of approximately 500 pieces of fine high quality estate pieces and many unique period pieces.

Come see our fine collection that has been carefully restored and displayed. Here you can explore our vintage pre-owned jewelry, antique jewelry, and estate jewelry and if you see something you would like to own, purchase it here, online. Though we are located in Lenox MA, we will ship your purchase anywhere you wish. Please note, our definition of antique jewelry is any jewelry that predates the 1930s.
We have the largest collection of colored gemstones in the Berkshires. Rare and beautiful colored gemstones of the finest cut and quality are on display in the gallery.  Loose gems are available for purchase by collectors or for custom orders. You can see & read more about the individual gemstones by clicking on the images below. See more gems and jewelry by visiting our Video Gallery from the Home page.  Our lapidary is local, and he's been working with us for over 35 years!